my philosophy

Cookobio has its origins from an idea of Maria Luciana Zullino, an architect by profession who over the years has become more and more enamored with the art of cooking.

A “dining room” right in the heart of Borgo a Buggiano, located in a historically relevant place for the inhabitants of this Tuscan town: the biscuit manufacturer Fratelli Bernardi, recipient of several awards, had once had its premises here.

Cookobio aims at being a different way to experience “dining out”: a real and not artificial dining room, conceived, planned and created with love and with the sole intent to make the guests feel at home.

The pieces of furniture, almost all property of M.L. Zullino which have been gathered in the years at various antiques markets, allow the environment to be familiar yet somewhat retro, evoking images of past times.

The use of bio ingredients and a fixed menu changing every day are Cookobio’s two strong points: products are sought daily so recipes are always prepared with fresh ingredients; they are bought locally whenever possible and are seasonal. Guests will be able to savour unusual dishes “as you don’t generally eat at home” for which they are kindly invited to make a reservation: meals are prepared specifically and in a unique manner just for them.

As for the wines, there is a selection from a small number of wineries, little companies with limited harvests, which can offer a suitable product for a good quality/price combination. As they taste the wine, guests are welcomed to make suggestions as their comments may prove useful to carry out changes, if need be. Cookobio also wishes to be a meeting place, a small cultural circle where it is possible to enjoy a book while sipping a drink or to spend some time with friends.

the menu choices

Cookobio proposes a theme for each day of the week so guests can be informed daily about the kind of dishes: bio products are the common denominator for the selection of the courses.

Monday: no fish nor meat, it is the vegetarian night

Tuesday: generally closed; however, it is possible to dine by making a reservation at least one day in advance. Menu to be agreed upon.

Wednesday: meat specialties night (game, stews, lamb etc.)

Thursday/Friday/Saturday: fish specialties night

On Sunday it is possible to make a lunch reservation and choose between the fish or meat menu. We would like to inform all the vegetarian courses lovers that they are welcomed on any day of the day – of course besides the evening dedicated to them specifically – all you have to do is let us know when you will be coming and we will make sure you will be served the vegetarian version of that day’s manu.